List of class of standard and custom services

The Network provides a list of services provided to third party clients.
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Services Provided by Competence Center


Redox state

  • NO-derivatives measurements (chemiluminescent detection of NO, nitrite and nitrate and flow cytometric assessment of N2O3)
  • GSH:GSSG detection using Ellmann's reagent, flow cytometric detection of thiols (monobromobimane, thiol tracker) and  free radical production (DHR, H2-DCF-DA)

Ion transport and intracellular ion content measurements

  • Intracellular Na+ and K+ (flame photometry), intracellular Ca2+ and Na+ measurements (flow cytometry), -K+ leak, Na+ accumulation (ionselective electrodes), unidirectional K+ movements (86Rb+)
  • Ca2+ uptake (flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy)
  • pH (BCECF-DA)

Deformability, density

  •  Lorrca osmoscan
  • Fractionation on the Percoll density gradient

Hb oxygen affinity

  • HEMOX analyser

Also available

  • tonometers
  • hypoxic benches
  • hypoxic incubators for cell culture


  • Ektacytometer with oxyscan (model 2019), for research use only, available for academic collaborations

Blutspende Zürich SRK

  • Complete infrastructure/testing facility for serologic, molecular and infectious marker testing of donor blood samples
  • Serology and flowcytometry based laboratories to assess blood group antigens and their respective antibodies
  • Quality assurance of blood products
  • Molecular genetic analysis of blood group antigens by SNP based technologies, Sanger sequencing and long-read third generation sequencing (Oxford Nanopore Technology)
  • High-throughput genotyping by MALDI-TOF MS
  • cell-free DNA analysis
  • Crystal digital PCR